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A Harry Potter 6th Year RPG.
One Beginning. One End.
The Four Return to Hogwarts.
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Sep. 19th, 2004 @ 01:57 pm Thread

Who: Ron & Hermione; open to Harry & Ginny especially, and any other Gryffindors
Where: Gryffindor Commons
When: Afternoon; September 19
Rating: G

It's Hermione's birthday! Ron gives Hermione her present.

Happy Birthday!Collapse )

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Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 06:50 pm Defence with Simkin.
Current Mood: creative
Who: Professor Simkin
When: First week DADA class. (Sorry it's late)
Notes: Everyone feel free to respond with your characters experience, either as his/her thoughts or questions to the teacher or others. In this 1st class, it doesn't matter what year or with whom you're with. For now don't worry about it, we're throwing logic out the window. :)

The usual classroom rhubarb silenced as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor strode into the room, with all eyes turning to take in the new teacher...or patsy, whichever you may prefer. He was a tall and thin man, quite lanky, dressed curiously in a Muggle suit and tie and black bowler hat. Many of the students whispered to each other as he came in almost a saunter, clacking his walking cane as he moved to the front of the class. Did he forget to wear proper robes, or was he always going to be dressed like this? Most of the students were concerned with how he would teach.

When he reached the front, he wiggled his bushy handlebar moustache and tipped his hat to the students. "Steady on, now children, steady on. Ah yes, good! Excellent! A lovely full classroom, that's what I like to see." He twirled his cane about once and then leaned back against his desk, blue eyes scanning the room intensively. "Good, good! Alright then, friends, let's get this started, shall we? My name is-" and he turned, pointed his cane at the blackboard and immediately his name was outlined in chalk as he spoke-"Simkin Van Hogglepouffen. Now I've been told that's quite a mouthful, so you may call me Professor Simkin, or Professor Van, it doesn't concern me much. Now let's see, role-call then, shall we? No? Probably not. You see I was given a class list but I seem to have--"

With a flip of his hat, he checked as if looking for something, then shrugged and placed it back on his head. "Forget that then. Let's see...ah! I know, a little about me then! Right-o! Where to start...well there's no better place to start than the beginning, eh what? Born and raised here--well not here but where many of you come from, Merry old England, what chaps? Yes I believe it was 19...1955 I believe, yes. Don't like to focus too much on age, you see. Now I never schooled at Hogwarts, which I'm sure many of you think strange if not downright scandalous, what? I do however have my doctorate archaeology and history from the Munich College of Professional Wizards. Now that was some time, yes...I can tell you some stories I could. Never let anyone convince you that professional types are a boring lot. Oh ho ho!"

He leaned back a little further, and twirled his moustache muttering, "Where was I..." before starting anew. "Oh yes! That's right, you could technically call me "Doctor", but there's no need for that here at Hogwarts. No, no Professor is fine, has a lovely ring to it I think. Defence Against the Dark Arts professor! That's right...had a bit of bad luck with your Professor's in the past haven't you? They were a sorry lot, I hear. Well then again I've gotten mixed reports for all of them so I'm not sure what to think, but here's hoping our little foray will last a little longer than a term, wha- Oh, you have a question...?"
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Sep. 8th, 2004 @ 12:08 pm Welcoming Address [September 1st]
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Albus Dumbledore stands and raises his hands over the student body.

"Welcome one and all to another year at Hogwarts! And for those of you just entering our humble home, I welcome you for the first time. You are in for a most wonderful experience, most wonderful indeed."

Feel free to meet and socialize with those at your tables, and I'm sure our Prefects will tell you all there is to know about what it is to be... well, whatever it is you are! Oh and don't be afraid to confide in your professors if you've any worries, especially with your Heads of Houses. I tell you, their barks are far worse than their bite.

I would like you all to turn your gaze three chairs over from me, and welcome Professor Van Hogglepouffen, our new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. Hopefully this will be a successful year for him and all, and he will grace us with his presence in the future. Yes, yes old man, stand up, let everyone see you."

With a nod and a smile, he and the other teachers applaud, some less enthusiastically than others, as Simkin bows to him and tips his cap to the student body. With a slight cough, Dumbledore continues.

"Oh yes! Now then I'm sure you've all been reading the papers and listening to reports. Let me assure you... None of us here have any doubt that we are living in...interesting times. However, let me assure you, here and know, that you are being taught by some of the best the Wizarding World has to offer, that we here will do everything we can to keep you safe from those...unsightly outside influences. Hogwarts is your home away from home and you will be safe here; no matter what the others might say.

Mr Filch would like me to remind you once again, that there is not to be magic done outside the classrooms, and that no body is permitted in the Forbidden Forest unless of course during Detention, or some other supervised excursion." Dumbledore nods to Hagrid, who replies with a hearty nod of his own.

"Er, yes, what was it again? Ah, all clubs that were in effect last year, whether they were disbanded by decree or not, are now reinstated. Those who need to use the room they need to use are once again permitted to do so. Of course, we want you all to be safe, productive, and most of all happy and delighted to be learning and working the magics of this world.

I see by the looks on many a face that I've exceeded my time allotment. Alas! Then, let me finish by saying, may your year be successful. Eat up!"

As Dumbledore returns to his seat, the four grand tables are filled to the edge with foods, and the Welcoming Feast begins.
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Sep. 7th, 2004 @ 01:37 pm Another interesting Daily Prophet report...
Current Mood: Reporting
Young Yanks put the World on Notice
World Youth Tournament to have an American feel this Year

Ask any wizard several years ago who they think of when they think of Quidditch, and it'd be unlikely any American would've been on the top of your list.

Times are certainly changing.

America has never been known as a bastion of proper Wizardry, but the large nation have been making Muggle-like strides towards making their mark on the world known. Their Universities, American Standard of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem International have both made and broke the top 20 in the International Registry of Esteemed Wizard makers, a list obviously registering the greatest 100 Wizarding schools the world has to offer. Our own Hogwarts has been in the top 3 of that list for the last 1000 years, ( though some say that in the first time in a millennium that might be changing.).

Not only that, but the Quidditch teams of these two schools have now for the first time in their history an opportunity to qualify for the World Youth Tournament, a Tournament which like the Tri-Wizard cup, showcases the best Wizarding schools and the future have to offer every few years. Unlike the Tri-Wizard Cup, Hogwarts had failed to make the last appearance in this tournament in 1991. Five years later they have qualified on points, and as an added surprise, an American school might end up qualifying as well.

When asked about the prospect of competing internationally for his school for the first time ever, American Standard 1995 MVP, Seeker Max Blackwood grinned proudly. "Oh yeah, I'm totally excited," he told me during my visit to his school last month. "We've been working really hard, and yeah we know they don't really respect us oversees as wizards, but it's a chance to show them. You know that our flying is as good as theirs, which is pretty damn good."

Blackwood (16) acknowledges his passion for the game came from a lifetime of following English team Puddlemere United and their Chaser, Joscelind Wadcock.

"Oh for sure. Nobody is disputing that Europe owns Quidditch and Wizardry in general as far as prestige and expertise and the best players and wizards go," Blackwood said, "But North America is really catching up. It was that Canadian witch that one last years Mad Mage contest (Mad Mage International Youth Magic Fair) right? And our President is doing pretty well internationally as far as showing the world what American wizards are made of, right?"

"I mean I'm not predicting that we'll blow them out of the sky. Heck, I'm not even predicting we'll get in, but I think we will. But seriously, we'll make sure they sit up and take notice, right? Who was that Muggle...Paul Revere? Warned that the British were coming? (Laughs) You're Paul Revere, buddy. Watch out for them Yankees!"

Perhaps not, but take notice? Most definitely.

-International Sports reporter Trudore Wickertatch reports.
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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 06:41 pm Interesting Daily Prophet article during the Summer.
Current Mood: Investigative!
Fudge Feeling the Heat
Minister of Magic feels the Pressure throughout the Summer

When asked how his Summer has been thus far, a rather Acerbic Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge answers, "How do you think it's bloody been?"

The public's guess? Not well.

After the news of Lord Volderthingy's return, this Summer has been remarkably quiet. However, as much as Minister Fudge would like to credit it to his quick response at capturing the Death Eaters left in the Department of Mysteries, this has brought him several unforeseen problems.

First, many have considered his taking of that credit as being in poor taste, as Albus Dumbledore and several Hogwarts students have been adamant about the return of Volderthat for at least a year. How they came upon this information is still in question, but what is known for certain is that they were correct, far before the Minister made his official announcement in the Spring.

The second unforeseen problem comes from those arrested that night several months ago in the Department of Mysteries. Those labelled as 'Death Eaters' were before known as beneficiaries, teachers, intellectuals and even healers, though it is true that amongst them were captured some very hardened criminals. Several people have been letting their dislike of imprisoning such individuals in a location such as Azkaban known to the Ministry, and specifically to Minister Fudge.

That's not all heat that's making the sweat come from Minster Fudge's brow. Owl posts, mail-boxes, even Muggle foning devices have been filled to overflowing with voices of complaint.

The largest protest comes from a relatively new group of young wizards known now as the Black Cauldron Club, and they vehemently oppose the imprisoning of Lucius Malfoy, who is still on the Board of Directors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of the senior members of this high-ranking club, Marcus Flint, spoke to me on the subject, and he was quite passionate.

"Lucius Malfoy has done more for Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the country in recent years than most others, and he's never been a glory monger for it," says Flint. "He donated more money to St. Mungo's last year than most make, he's made several important decisions on the Board of Directors, and his constant support as an Alumni has done such good for Hogwarts. This is the person who's sitting in Azkaban right now?"

When asked what further means the Black Cauldron Club would go to to get Malfoy out of prison, Flint glowed proudly.

"We plan on using our rights to protest under the full protection of the Law," he said to a rousing cheer. "We'll make everyone know that Lucius Malfoy deserves to be freed! We'll shout until our throats are raw, and I'd like to see Minister Fudge continue to ignore that!"

When approached on the subject, Minister Fudge had no comment. It is believed by most that he is under the advice of the Wizengamot on Malfoy's incarceration, and many believe that leads to Albus Dumbledore. I had a chance to ask Dumbledore of his opinion on the Lucius controversy.

"I can't speak much on the subject myself. I leave that to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement," the venerable Headmaster told me. "But let me say this, I have full trust in the Department's ability to act most justly."

-Rita Skeeter reports.
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