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Sep. 19th, 2004 @ 01:57 pm Thread

Who: Ron & Hermione; open to Harry & Ginny especially, and any other Gryffindors
Where: Gryffindor Commons
When: Afternoon; September 19
Rating: G

It's Hermione's birthday! Ron gives Hermione her present.

Most would assume that whenever Ron left the dormitory so late in the afternoon, it meant that he'd slept in, but today it had been something else. He appeared at the foot of the stairwell with his hands behind his back, peering past the stone wall and into the commons.

Ah! There she was.

Ron approached Hermione from behind shooting several lower classmen glares. They giggled at what was hidden behind his back as he walked by. Stopping short and shifting his weight awkwardly, he cleared his throat to interrupt whatever it was that Hermione was doing.

"Happy birthday, Hermione," he said, still standing several feet from her and holding an atrociously wrapped box out for her. The crinkled wrapping paper looked as if it had been used more than once, and instead of a bow, it was tied off with an old, dingy shoe lace.

Ron offered a sheepish, uncertain smile. At least he could get his Mum to wrap Harry's presents over the summer -- but Hermione's, unfortunately, always turned up looking like a disaster.

Hermione looked up at the tattered package in surprise, and blinked. She considered it for a moment, wondering if she should take offense at the haphazard presentation of it, or be flattered that Ron remembered her birthday without prompting and got her something.

She decided on the latter. He was, after all, Ron, and that was saying something. He'd probably wrapped it himself, in which case she was quite lucky whatever-it-was hadn't been thrown across the room in a fit of Weasley temper. For all she knew, it had been.

"Oh -- thank you, Ron." Hermione took the package with a surprised smile and settled it on her knees. She quickly pushed a few books out of the way so he would have some place to sit down, and tilted her head to consider the sad little package.

"Should I open it now, or wait for Harry?" she asked him, arching one eyebrow questioningly.

"Harry won't mind!" he said out of either impatience or excitement, "Open it!"

Ron dropped down onto the seat next to her, picking up a book or two and reading their binds, and oddly enough making no disgusted comment about how she was reading on her birthday. A moment later his attention fell back on Hermione, who still hadn't opened his present yet. He pushed the gift further into her grasp, "Well, go on, then!"

Inside the box lay a thick, dusty old book about the Celtic wizarding culture. It wasn't long ago when Hermione mentioned in her journal that she was interested in reading up on it, which may have been proof that Ron was much more observant than he let on.

"Hope you like it," he said anxiously. "Or haven't already read it," he added teasingly, as relief for himself, mostly.

Hermione responded with a small cry and turned the volume over in her hands. She cracked it open gingerly and scanned the verso page. "'Druids Are People Too: a History of Celtic Influence'," she read aloud. She glanced up at Ron in amazement. "Where did you find this? It's not in the library here, and I don't think I've even heard of this one before." She leafed carefully through a few of the pages, all of which were cramped with impossibly small text that would hurt anyone else's eyes -- which was likely why Ron had chosen it in the first place.

"My goodness -- Ron, this is fascinating. Thank you, really." She paused in her excited perusal to flash him an unusually bright smile, and gave him a very quick, impulsive hug. Then she was back to running her hands over the binding to rid it of dust, scanning the index, and clucking happily over having a huge new book to read in her spare time.

Ron laughed, his hand ruffling the messy hair at the back of his head, a nervous tick of his. "Well, you know," he started, then trailed off, not really wanting to admit that he had been searching for a book high and low, or that it had been secondhand.

Luckily for Ron, Hermione interrupted his stuttering -- unluckily for Ron, the interruption came in form of something as equally embarassing as buying her gift secondhand.

Ron's face turned bright red and he sat still as she hugged him. The gesture had gone as soon as it had come, but that didn't rid any of the burning color from his cheeks. "Glad you like it," he coughed.

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Date:September 20th, 2004 01:18 am (UTC)
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Harry had come down the stairs just in time to watch the exchange between Ron and Hermione, but for some reason decided to stay back.

Actually...he knew exactly the reason he stayed back. They were happy...it was a happy time after-all. It just seemed...right...to observe instead..

...Maybe he didn't know exactly why after-all. He just knew it was better this way.

When Ron had turned a lovely shade of fuchsia, Harry came the rest of the way down and to his friends.

"Happy Birthday Hermione," he said, laying a hand on her shoulder. He looked at the book in her hand then back to Ron with a smile. "I know you gave me idea earlier." He pulled out a package and unwrapped it to show a stark-white quill with a considerable feather length.

"It's one that doesn't run out of ink, since you write so much. Actually you can use it to drain color from other things so that you can write. Not very nice..but, uh well I'm sure you can tweak it or something."

Harry managed a little smile. Now that he thought of it, the present did seem a little dark, but he thought it'd be useful at the time...
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Date:September 20th, 2004 02:10 am (UTC)
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Hermione turned the quill over in her hands, fascinated. "I wonder how they got it to drain colour?" she mused aloud, obviously running through a mental list of charms that could be used to achieve the effect. "That's very handy, actually, it allows for note-taking under any circumstances. I'll have to try it -- although Parvati and Lavender will murder me if I drain colour from one of their silly magazines. Thank you, Harry!" Hermione beamed at him and gave him one of her quick hugs as well, still clutching her new book and quill in one arm.

She laughed suddenly, looking down at her gifts. "I think you've both been around me for far too long -- books and quills, honestly. Perhaps I'm having a good influence on you, after all," Hermione admonished them in a tone of mock-reproof.
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Date:September 21st, 2004 05:08 am (UTC)
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The youngest Weasley excitedly entered the common room, her face as red as her hair from exhaustion. She had run from the othe side of the castle where she had been tutoring a younger student.

"Happy birthday Hermione!" she called out as she threw herself into the biggest, more comfortable chairs in the room. Pulling a small box from a pocket of hers Ginny handed it over to Hermione.

"I hope you like it," she said, opening the box for her to see. Inside was a golden coloured hair clip made in the shape of a dragon that moved and made faces. Of course it had costed her a few sickles, but she had been saving up for it. She would have gotten better, she had been telling herself, but she wanted to save for Harry's gift.

Ginny was out of the loop with the hugging and public displays of affection but seemed to notice how everyone was acting a bit strangely. And she noticed Ron's cheeks were a bit red. However, she declined her intention of asking and curled up into the chair.
Date:September 21st, 2004 05:08 pm (UTC)
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"It's good to know what you like," Harry said with a shrug. "Instead of fumbling around searching for hours for something you might turn away, you know?"

He smiled at Ginny as she handed Hermione a gift, then... actually, now that they were all together, he wouldn't have minded a little meeting... "Say..what do you lot think of the new Defense teacher? Do you think we have to step up the DA again this Year?"
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Date:September 22nd, 2004 01:59 am (UTC)
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"Oh, it's lovely -- thank you, Ginny," Hermione said admiringly. "I only hope it doesn't get lost in this mess," she made a wry face and tugged at one of her unruly curls. Hermione rarely made the effort required to tame her hair into anything resembling order, but then again, she'd never owned any hair clips that she considered worth the effort. If it wouldn't hurt the poor dragon, perhaps she would make the attempt more often...

Hermione carefully set the box to the side, watching the dragon toss its tiny head at her, and curled up on her end of the couch as she turned her attention to Harry's question. "I think he's very easily distracted -- people like that are sometimes frightfully clever, but it's a bit of a task keeping up with him, I can hardly write that fast." She shrugged. "At least he's not of a mind with Umbridge, and intends to teach us more than just theory -- but I think it would be a good idea to keep the DA going strong no matter what, simply because we can't ever be too prepared."
Date:September 22nd, 2004 05:53 pm (UTC)
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Harry put a hand up to his head and brushed by his scar absently. "You're right..." he said, finding it difficult to even think. Working on Dumbledore's Army just muddled his mind for some reason.

"Thanks Hermione," he said, glancing at the dragon hair-pin. That would be distracting.

"Uh, you sure that won't bite?" He asked Ginny a little apprehensively.
Date:September 22nd, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)
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"Easily distracted?" Ron let out a bark of laugher and looked right to Harry for some sort of support. "I think he's bonkers -- did you see how he dresses? He's a nutter all right," while Ron went off on his little tangent, he had been "easily distracted" himself.

He looked skeptically from Ginny's gift to Hermione's hair, and before he made a comment about brushing it, he busied himself with her new quill. "Brilliant quill, Harry. The feather's still white," he started to frown, "And it's not wilted yet..."

Turning towards his sister he held it up to her face, motioning harmless threats to steal the color from her with a sloppy grin.

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Date:September 24th, 2004 03:43 am (UTC)
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Ginny laughed in response to Harry's question. "I don't think so. I guess just try not to hurt it or anything," was her vague answer.

"I like how he dresses," Ginny commented on their new DADA teacher, distracted. "I think he'll probably be a good teacher. Any teacher is better than Umbridge." The youngest Weasley looked over to Hermione, smiling. "I'm glad you like it Hermione.

"Wait, you took notes on the first class? He was just telling us about his background. Why would you take notes about that?" she asked awkwardly.

Finding a chocolate frog among her brother's belongings she opened and nibbled on it, thanking Ron. "Has anyone else noticed the Slytherin to be more obnoxious than ever this year?" asked Ginny as she examined the card, Mad Eye Moody. She stuffed it into her pocket. "And that girl," she said through clenched teeth.