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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 06:41 pm Interesting Daily Prophet article during the Summer.
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Fudge Feeling the Heat
Minister of Magic feels the Pressure throughout the Summer

When asked how his Summer has been thus far, a rather Acerbic Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge answers, "How do you think it's bloody been?"

The public's guess? Not well.

After the news of Lord Volderthingy's return, this Summer has been remarkably quiet. However, as much as Minister Fudge would like to credit it to his quick response at capturing the Death Eaters left in the Department of Mysteries, this has brought him several unforeseen problems.

First, many have considered his taking of that credit as being in poor taste, as Albus Dumbledore and several Hogwarts students have been adamant about the return of Volderthat for at least a year. How they came upon this information is still in question, but what is known for certain is that they were correct, far before the Minister made his official announcement in the Spring.

The second unforeseen problem comes from those arrested that night several months ago in the Department of Mysteries. Those labelled as 'Death Eaters' were before known as beneficiaries, teachers, intellectuals and even healers, though it is true that amongst them were captured some very hardened criminals. Several people have been letting their dislike of imprisoning such individuals in a location such as Azkaban known to the Ministry, and specifically to Minister Fudge.

That's not all heat that's making the sweat come from Minster Fudge's brow. Owl posts, mail-boxes, even Muggle foning devices have been filled to overflowing with voices of complaint.

The largest protest comes from a relatively new group of young wizards known now as the Black Cauldron Club, and they vehemently oppose the imprisoning of Lucius Malfoy, who is still on the Board of Directors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of the senior members of this high-ranking club, Marcus Flint, spoke to me on the subject, and he was quite passionate.

"Lucius Malfoy has done more for Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the country in recent years than most others, and he's never been a glory monger for it," says Flint. "He donated more money to St. Mungo's last year than most make, he's made several important decisions on the Board of Directors, and his constant support as an Alumni has done such good for Hogwarts. This is the person who's sitting in Azkaban right now?"

When asked what further means the Black Cauldron Club would go to to get Malfoy out of prison, Flint glowed proudly.

"We plan on using our rights to protest under the full protection of the Law," he said to a rousing cheer. "We'll make everyone know that Lucius Malfoy deserves to be freed! We'll shout until our throats are raw, and I'd like to see Minister Fudge continue to ignore that!"

When approached on the subject, Minister Fudge had no comment. It is believed by most that he is under the advice of the Wizengamot on Malfoy's incarceration, and many believe that leads to Albus Dumbledore. I had a chance to ask Dumbledore of his opinion on the Lucius controversy.

"I can't speak much on the subject myself. I leave that to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement," the venerable Headmaster told me. "But let me say this, I have full trust in the Department's ability to act most justly."

-Rita Skeeter reports.
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