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The Founders Return to Hogwarts

Magical Theory: A Harry Potter 6th Year RPG.
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In 1996, the Wizarding World was stunned by the news of the evil Lord Voldemort’s return. But it's not all doom and gloom. The majority of Voldemort's Inner Circle have been imprisoned, including the illustrious Lucius Malfoy. With his army in shambles, Voldemort must work with his last remaining soldiers Bellatrix Lestrange and Peter Pettigrew, to reinforce their numbers with new, younger wizards while at the same time avoiding the watchful eye of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Minister Fudge is under public scrutiny as more and more of the Wizarding World realizes how close they where to total destruction. Campaigns have been started to have him removed from his position, something Fudge is desperate to prevent, with force if necessary.

The Order of the Phoenix, with their duties lightened by the influx of active Aurors, recovers from the tragic loss of Sirius Black. Some are obsessed with solving the mystery of the Veil, and are getting close to opening a Pandora's Box.

Though the Summer has been peaceful, strange happenings across the world has occured. Changes continue in the staff of Durmstrang, as teachers are laid off and others resign because of the outing of Karkaroff. The Weasley family has been host to a young cousin named Mafalda, and things couldn't be less pleasent.

It's a new year at Hogwarts, and for many there's a lot to look forward to. Yet the Death Eaters continue to stir. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the dark side is gathering. An ancient artifact, broken by a stray shout of 'Reducto' by Harry Potter, will unleash some of the best magical minds the world has ever had to offer...

[x] Welcome to Magical Theory. This is an RPG with a definite plot and storyline. We’ve got a beginning and an end here folks, many major points have been plotted even before the site was put together. But we’ll depend on the activity of the students and the new plotlines they create to move the story along. Hogwarts is for the students to shine after-all, and this is what we want for the RP.

We've just begun!

Want to join?

First, read the RULES
Next, the CHARACTER LIST. This is always changing as more characters are taken.

Find more Students at the Lexicon HERE, and everyone else HERE

[x] If a character is incapacitated in the books and you want to bring him back, go ahead and send in an application with a plausible reason for his/her return.

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